• My Comeback Trail

My Comeback Trail by Manish Kumar

A true story of a veteran pilot of the Indian Air Force who managed to claw his way back from the dungeons of despair after being pushed into an abominable abyss. From the best selling author of “Be your own pilot”, comes a scintillating tale of valour – the vanquished emerging a victor. His revival and eventual resurgence will resonate with anyone who has suffered a major setback in their lives. Rediscover yourself in him and realise the infinite potential you have inside to galvanise your comeback.

What Readers Say

What Readers Say

Love for My Comeback Trail

"My Comeback Trail , a book very suitable for all of us to read and realize that there is always a HOPE. Life is a precious gift from our parents and we have to work very hard to make a LIFE against all the odds that a life throws at you. Very well written book. I have also read the last book ( Be your own Pilot) from the same author and very happy to say this new book is a notch up. ALL THE BEST & awaiting many more books from the author."
Rajesh Ranjan
  • Be Your Own Pilot

Be Your Own Pilot by Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar has been a Combat Pilot with the Indian Air Force where he was awarded the Chief of Air Staff Commendation for devotion to duty. He has years of experience as a Leader and thousands of hours as a helicopter pilot, preferring to fly rescue missions where his intuition not only helped him locate and save pilots and survivors but also averted near fatal crashes, saving men and aircraft. These incidents made him look for the greater meaning of life.

What Readers Say

Love for Be Your Own Pilot

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